Picture Prompt-127-2  

She could hardly keep the smile from her face.  All of the waiting over.  The most wonderful dream a reality at last.  He was coming.  It took a while and a bit of convincing but he was coming.  The best time of year, her favorite hideaway, what else could she ask for?

She kept herself from running, but that’s how anxious she became.  She wanted to reach the stone shed before him, to make sure everything was there.  They wouldn’t need much.  Some firewood, a few blankets, and a few provisions of food.  Everything else was not required. 

The leaves were crunching under her feet.  She loved the aroma of them as they crumbled.  And even the scent of apples was in the air, causing her to feel the nostalgia of her childhood.  Autumn was her favorite season, the colors beautiful and the scent of the atmosphere was home to her.

Meeting him here would be everything she could ever dream of, all in one.  The love of her life, the love of the surroundings, all complete.


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