Joe Went Camping

“It sure is a long way out there! How many miles do you think it is to that island?”

“Who cares? We need to get out of here before anyone sees us!”

“It sure is a long way out there. . .” Bob put his hand up to his brow, looking out on the water. “It sure . . .”

“You said that already. Now get in the car!” 

Jack hurried down to get Bob and pull him into the car. Ever since they dumped Joe’s body, Bob acted strangely. “Hurry up, Bob, there you go, into the car.” As he shoved his accomplice into the seat, he also attached his seatbelt. He didn’t want him falling out. Just in case, he might put the child lock on. All this over a stupid poker game. Who knew Joe carried a gun to the games, and why? He stepped on the gas and sped out of the sand. Broad daylight and we’re out here trying to sink a body! Of course I never liked Joe anyway, he was a mean sort.

“Remember that time Joe brought his wife in the bar sporting that shiner? And that wasn’t the first time! Everyone knew then what kind of man he was.” Jack kept talking, keeping one eye on the road and one on Bob.

Bob sat by his friend in the car. I’ve got my seatbelt on, we’re driving home. That’s good. I wonder what happened to Joe. I think he came to the beach with us, I think. Did we go swimming? Funny I can’t remember something like that.

“Jack, did we go swimming?” Jack was beside himself. Not only had Bob saved him from getting shot, but he killed Joe. Now he’s in La La land. It wasn’t his fault, they struggled and Joe ended up dead. The problem was that the guys thought his wife would be blamed, so they stuffed the body in the trunk. It was lucky the trunk had camping supplies. Joe went camping, sleeping bag, tent, ropes and all, right in the water.