Rant Part One

I was ready to post “Tell me something good” with an upbeat lovely song, but NO! It’s been one of those days, and yes it is Monday, but that’s not the problem. So frustrated today with:

1. Wheelchair – had to go to the hospital for a test. The left wheel felt like it was flat, stuck and wouldn’t move. Ok, you’re laughing now because you can picture me only going in circles with one tire flat. Took an unusually long time to get to the lab and then home from the apartment manager’s office.When taking it for repair, they informed me I own it now I’ve rented it so long. Goody, it can join my scooter as the second non functioning vehicle I own!😂

2. Century Link -these little darlings have caused me a very bad, no good day😫. I thought my Colorado problems with that company were over now I’m in WY, but no. I have wifi through the apartment complex who has the CL account. All numbers to report a problem are no longer in service. This is the fourth time it has been unusable for more than a day. I could stand that if I saw a future of it being fixed.  

After speaking to people the US, Southeast Asia, Wisconsin, and another place I don’t remember, I was practically bawling. So frustrating, I finally told the sixth phone person that I wanted someone IN Cheyenne to walk their feet over here and fix it. I want a new router, and a place other than behind the dining room cabinet, which I can’t budge, to place the wires. And the genius who plugged in the electrical part used the one behind the refrigerator!  

But never let it be said I will be deterred by a mere refrigerator. Oh, I moved it alright! After four other calls to the manager’s office because each number they supplied to CL was discontinued, I was done speaking to the world about it. It wouldn’t be so upsetting if it only happened once, but it’s a problem every week. That’s why I want a new router, or modem, or another place to live.

3. The snow has melted and once again the dogs’ leavings are in full view.

Do I sound upset? Angry? Like I’m going to explode soon?  

Yes, yes, and yes. Does anyone else, like me, clean when they’re upset?

https://rugby843.blog — that is if I ever have wifi again to have a blog 🙄😬


3 thoughts on “Rant Part One

  1. The amazing thing is that businesses in business of communication, hide behind automated systems. Which when you eventually get to human. You are told, via the automated system. That calls are exceeding the expected volume and that you’ll have to wait for the next available service rep. Are they kidding me? You’re in the business of customer service! Get someone toot sweet [ tu suis] into work, right NOW!

    I’m afraid I saw the writing on the wall when internet service was lost to the small provider. I think I’ll go back to string and metal cans? BTW. Sorry for your day. Cannot be pleasant. Cheers Jamie.

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