Rant Part Deux

Day Three, no WI-FI. But who’s counting? ME! When Danny over at dreambigdreamoften asked the question of the day about surviving a day without the Internet, I thought sure, no problem. It’s been three so far, may be four tomorrow because the guy is trying to fit me into his schedule tonight. Okay, it wouldn’t be too bad but other problems still not fixed are piled on.  

My wheelchair broke on Monday and if someone gets it tonight for me, it will be like all of a sudden, I can move! But I have not been idle, my friends. I have cleaned every drawer in the house. Needless to say I have a huge trash bag near the door. Going through desk drawers I haven’t been in since the move in 2014 (I’m ashamed to even write that) involved going through tons of old papers and some photos I had forgotten.

Early this morning I was so exhausted from Monday, wheeling myself in a broken chair in the wind, I slept all night from about 1:30 am. Weird. Because of this I woke up with a start at 5:30 and spilled some juice on the bed. That caused washing all the bedding down to the mattress cover and trying to get grape juice off the mattress? Let’s just say I’ve been at it all day. I just have to wait for help to make the bed with clean sheets, etc.

Since the WIFI went out I realized I use my phone or iPad for getting information. Using the phone for 411 is very frustrating. I’m sure all of your emails to me with your new posts will take tons of time to read and comment, so be patient, I’ll get to them. Sorry if you thought I was ignoring you. As it is, I am typing this on an email format, so all my muttering will hit you at once. Thank heavens for the new WP card idea.

The last three days have been an up and down experience. On Monday I ran into a friend that volunteers at the VA. We were both going to the hospital lab for blood tests. Seeing her was cool. Getting from the bus to home was irritating with broken wheel and fighting wind. Today the grape juice, 8:30PM and still haven’t heard from repairman, but the chair is fixed and I’ll jump in it, well maybe not jump… but as soon as I get it, whew! Going through old photos reminds me of how young I used to be, how cute my grandkids were(are), and how smiley and joking my husband was.

I gathered up a bunch of photos for my kids and am mailing them. Some are of their grandparents, and some of their high school days. Ah, sweet memories.๐Ÿ˜Œ

P.S. Wednesday update: As you can see an unfriendly WIFI guy came this morning. Couldn’t figure how to get the iPad WIFI working, so I did it after he left. Still no wheelchair, and it is freezing ba— outside. But hey, I have all of your lovely blogs to read so I’m set. Sorry mine will all come in a lump. They can’t keep a good woman down ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜‚



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