A to Z Challenge – B for Beauty


Besides being a mother and grandmother, I have been a beauty consultant. It requires training, learning about different complexions, skin tones and types, which colors flatter you most, etc. I learned about finding the right moisturizers and cleansers to benefit your skin and application techniques. That had always been a problem for me. Makeup was always too pink or too brown. Since manufacturers have decided there are more than four skin colors, now finding the correct shade should not be difficult.
This company was an innovator of improving the selection of different shades to include all complexions.  That was the main reason I decided to take the training and become a consultant myself. My confidence level rose considerably after the classes which included learning how to speak in front of people. At first I set up gatherings of people I knew, giving free facials, makeup lessons, etc. to introduce myself as a consultant, eventually hoping to grow the business and sell the products. This was actually fun and as in any other business, you have to promote yourself and the product, which was another aspect I enjoyed. The most important thing I received from this experience was confidence.



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