Daily Prompt: Later

She said to the waiter

“Do you have gator?”

He replied “ma’am?

The ones that swam?”

“Of course you dolt

Is there another?”

He turned with a jolt

And fetched his brother

“Are you the owner?” said she

“Oh, were you meaning me?

Yes, madam I’m him.

We have nothing that swims

It’s strictly on the menu

Try a different venue.”

Disgusted he turned

While his brother soon learned

The owner was rude

Had a bad attitude.

“Ma’am, I’m trying to please,

So my conscious will ease

For you, I could cater.”

As she left, “Maybe later.

Not going to brood

But I’m in the mood

For some wild seafood.”


*alligator may be referred to as seafood, poetic license*😂



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