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Fear is not something I’m familiar with, unless it involves my kids or their kids. Ever since 1995, I’m not scared of anything, really. That was the most scared I’ve ever been. I was going into the elevator of the Woman’s Hospital in Houston for my first operation. I used to be a chicken with needles, and being anesthetized also frightened me. I knew I had cancer, I knew I was having a complete hysterectomy, and I didn’t know how I really felt about it. I was 49, and I’d be going through the “change” soon, at least my sisters all did around fifty. But the cancer scared me. I think my husband was as nervous as I was, but in the elevator going up to the surgical floor, I just started crying and shaking.The nurse at the waiting area said that was perfectly normal. I must say the Woman’s Hospital in H was very nice all around.  

The first thing was the IV. I had never had one. Apparently the administer of it had never done one, or was not good at it. Took three tries and I thought my husband was going to pass out from seeing all the blood on the table and floor. But that was the worst part. 

I had never experienced as much pain as when I had to get out of bed the first time. I thought everything inside my body fell on the floor. The nurse was so nice and helpful, standing me up slowly. 

 Something funny that happened was that my body was in shock. I was instantly hot and sweating the first night. The nurses attending me turned the air to sixty degrees and wore coats while in the room. That was fine for a while and then I started getting chills and couldn’t stop shaking.  

Now this is graphic, but they had removed the catheter after the operation. Around midnight the next night they decided to put another one in. Most times you are asleep when they do this, but I was freezing, couldn’t stop my legs from shaking while a nurse is standing on her head inserting a catheter. Sure laugh now, but it was not funny at the time.

So after that, nothing involving medical stuff really scared me. I was always prepared for the worst, and over the years I must say I have not been disappointed. But I’m still here. In fact we were joking today about how I can’t be killed, going to live on forever. God, who wants that?πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚



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