Flash Fiction – New Shoes!

“Wow! Those are the coolest!” Jamie exclaimed as he laid eyes on his big brother’s new shoes. “Batman, the Flash, man, where did you find those?”

“Mom got them on Amazon. I’ve had them a week, but they look great don’t they? I think mom felt guilty about not letting me go up to Grampa’s with you, so bought these for me. How was it up there? Do any fishin?”

They sat down on the bed and Jamie tried on the shoes, of course, way too large. Pete didn’t mind. They had a strong bond, especially where their sister Peg was concerned.  

Peg happened to walk in the room at that moment. She felt superior, being the oldest, and also thought she could enter their room at any time. This led to the boys’ close relationship, “two against one” they would whisper to each other. 

Peg grabbed one of the shoes and secretly thought they were okay, but what she wanted was a pair with Wonder Woman on them. She didn’t acknowledge Pete’s new shoes were anything special, flipped it back to Jamie and walked out.



6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – New Shoes!

  1. For years … decades even. I wore Converse sneakers. Trainers the British call them. Whatever? My first pair were black in the early 60’s Then there were Ked’s for women. I always wore Converse. They became hard to find in 1970’s then started to re-emerge in 80’s. I used to buy them on my trips to Seattle. I don’t remember the name but they sold a lot of different stuff. Something Pete’s? Including Converse sneakers. In different colours, too. I’ve had, red, blue, silver and green Hi-tops or Low tops. Naming only as few. The ones I regret not buying at the time were plaid. In a sort of velour? Pink plaid was an option. Just a bit too wild for me.

    In the late nineties, I worked in retail and all the young kids starting work, seemed impressed? Not sure why? They were deemed “hip” or whatever word they had for that? Because I wore them, I had to be by extension? I am sure it must seem that comic characters are impressive to have on your shoes? It just puts more in the coffers of Stan Lee, etc. Now corporate giants. Along with Disney. I stopped wearing Converse after almost opening my foot up on something sharp. Now opting for more reinforced fabrics of trail runners, etc. I find amusement with how Converse, can now be found everywhere. In London, they occupy the shelves of shoe retailers everywhere. Last time I was there was for my niece’s wedding. Her brother was very picky over which pair he would have for that event. Try and tell him how ubiquitous they are and not so really “hip” or whatever the word is now? Fell on deaf ears. Like blue jeans they fall in my personal category of “over done”. Cheers Jamie.

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  2. Beautifully penned. Amazon just made me smile here. That ingredient of this story that made me stick to read the relationship between boys.
    Have a great day. Will glad to have you at my site

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