Daily Prompt:  Meaningless

Ever get a haircut that’s totally a new look? Lost or gained weight? Tried a new style of dress? Start speaking new words or phrases? Then, hoping to rejoin your friends and expect them to notice the fact you have changed a bit? These may be extreme examples, but how often have you done one of these things and received a weird look, a cheeky smile, or a look of surprise or maybe disgust? 
One small example of my own was from a good friend. We used to hang out quite a bit and worked together. Being pale skinned, if I don’t wear lipstick, I look dead. So I try to be wearing it in public. One time we were driving to the mall and I applied lipstick before we went in. My friend never wore makeup of any kind. She looked over and laughed asking me why I was doing it and then a remark I don’t remember. I guess I was overly sensitive, but I felt like she was criticizing me. This event bothered me. Of course I was younger and more vulnerable then. Now I would just laugh and come back with “you should try it sometime!”

The comment was meaningless, as was her opinion. I should not have taken it as a criticism, but an opinion only. A person’s individual taste should not rely on another’s meaningless thoughts. Choose your own style and be proud of it.



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