Daily Prompt:  Ordinary

A life less ordinary, yes, you could call it that. Remember that old TV show, “This Was the Week That Was”? It’s been one of those. My grandson bought a used car, been driving well for over a year now. I have to say I could always hear him parking outside the apartment by the exhaust system. The motorcycle guy isn’t that loud. But he invested $400 two weeks ago to have it repaired to be quieter. I shouldn’t say this, but I miss the loudness. One week ago he was driving home from refereeing soccer and the car stopped dead, needs a $3000 new engine. But everyone’s okay, no accident involved. Just a bad week. You can call it Murphy’s Law or just life.

I’m just an ordinary mother and grandmother, although I doubt my family would agree. I didn’t say perfect, I have quirks just like everyone else, but at least I admit them! Being the “Merry Widow” for almost four years now, I must admit it’s lonely. You don’t need to have a perfect marriage to miss your constant companion of over forty-five years. That’s (way) over half my life. . way over!  

Two Christmases ago we were playing the game “Life”and the table was big so someone else moved my car for me. It came to a question, “do you want to do (blank) or have kids?” So being the honest, forthright person I am, I blurted out, “well if it means having sex, yes, otherwise, no.” Playing at the table were my two teenage granddaughters, my daughter, and my son. The teens were shocked and I got the usual, “Grandma!” out of the one whose personality is most like mine. She’s a freshman in college now, but her reactions haven’t changed. I love that. I guess it was deemed inappropriate, but it’s fun to shake up the old group once in a while.

My only and favorite son in law does it too. His wife, my daughter, was celebrating winning a game of WII by dancing around the living room. He casually remarked, “I need to move that WII into the bedroom.” His twelve year old son started laughing, getting red, but couldn’t stop laughing.  

So is life less ordinary for our family? Certainly, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s heavenly like it is, even with the little and big problems.



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