Photo-Fiction #81

Here he was again, thinking he would choose a new path for his life. How many times had he done this the past three years? Too many. It all seemed so easy at first, just a harmless flirtation. But over the past few years, the flirting, the humor, the cheeky innuendos, became serious. At times, too serious, so he quit, short and sweet, with “I’m done”. At least it seemed easy at the time. But then the loneliness would creep back in, a yearning for that response that seemed so satisfying; a sense of completeness.  

Every day life, morning drive to the office, mundane tasks at work, and coming home to a non welcoming family. It wasn’t just their fault. It was everyone’s fault. Routine had taken its task in this family. Dinner, sitting in front of the television, each on their own electronic device. It had become an arrangement of discomfiture, each seeking satisfaction and comfort elsewhere. He was no exception. He could be anyone, say anything, and there was always someone eager to respond. 

What he didn’t realize was there was always another in that space. And when he came upon this person, there was an instant attraction. He described it as a lightning bolt and the love affair was on. Each in their hidden responses, satisfying loneliness in every way possible via a digital affair. It sounds distasteful now, he thought. But that’s what it was. He ended it a few times, but she was always lonely, available, and he took advantage of that.

Now here he was again. Having to make the decision of stopping or continuing. He felt they were in love, but they had not ever met. Could he leave his family and pursue this relationship? It was a decision to be made again.

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