Mrs. Trumble’s Walker

“Yo, this is Bob. What’s the problem?” He turned down the microphone on his call button in case it was something gross. He never knew what was coming next for him. Checking up on a locked door or shooing kids out of the Spencer’s store, it was all the same to him. It wasn’t a bad job, and it kept him busy since he retired from the police force. Those were the days, when he was young and full of vigor. He was sorely disappointed to realize that the constant action he was schooled for was not a daily event. Most of the time it was paperwork, forms, and more paperwork. At least he learned to type, he chuckled to himself.

“Okay I’ll be right there”. Mrs. Trumble got her walker stuck in the escalator again. How many times has he reminded her she is no longer able to use the escalator, to take the elevator instead. He smiled thinking he might be in that position soon. God help me remember its elevator, not escalator.

He found Mrs. Trumble hanging onto her wedged-in walker, as a crowd of shoppers was backed up behind her on the ever ascending stairs.

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