Tale Weaver #10-Sight

“Your eyes are beautiful, so colorful.  But I really can’t see a problem.  How long have you been seeing these apparitions?”  The optometrist was almost mesmerized by her beauty.  Not just her eyes, but everything about her gave him a very warm feeling.  He stood up and put away the instruments.

“I told you, about two months.  Ever since my husband passed away, I’ve been seeing, like white clouds,  out of the corner of my eye.  I thought it was just tiredness because I haven’t been sleeping well.  But it’s not stopping, I see it day and night now.  Surely there’s a problem.  Can’t you find anything?”

She sounded so desperate, he almost wished there was something wrong.  He felt the need to help her, for many reasons, but how?  These images must be a figment of her imagination, surely, just stress over her husband’s death.  He did have a medical degree, but was not a psychologist.  However, he wanted to help.

“I don’t see anything physically wrong with your eyes.  But tell me more about those images you’re seeing.”  This conversation led to a chance meeting at the local Starbucks coffee shop, where he spent a few hours intently listening to her.  He wanted to help, of course, but more than that, he wanted a relationship with her.  The coffee talks became a usual thing until she offered to fix dinner for him one evening.  She trusted that he was a good friend now, and looked forward to his company.

After a few months of meeting for coffee and dinners at each other’s homes, he felt she was ready for him to propose something more permanent.  Gathering up all of his courage and expectations, he prepared a casual dinner.  As she walked in, he could feel his attraction grow.  He sat her down at the table and softly, quickly, kissed her cheek.  She blushed and as they ate dinner, their eyes were constantly focused on each other.  After dinner they were sitting together listening to music.  He decided the time was right.  He turned and took her in his arms.

“I’ve felt this way ever since I saw those beautiful eyes.  I’ve waited to tell you I think I’m in love with you.”  She looked at him, then past him, and suddenly screamed.  He followed her eyes, and as she collapsed, he saw a white cloud like apparition moving toward them.


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  1. OMG that gave me goosebumps all the hairs on the back of my neck are standing on end. I did not like the end at all. I was enjoying sitting on the cloud floating along in such a wonderful love story 😠


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