Proud of Myself Badge

I’m starting a new thing.  Like the badge?  Crude, huh, but the meaning is there – you can see by the heart in raspberry colored pencil.  Everyone needs to be good at something and here is a badge you can have to let someone know.
First recipient is Elaine at  for her watercolor paintings.

  Congratulations, Elaine on receiving this prestigious award!💐👏🏻👍🏻


20 thoughts on “Proud of Myself Badge

  1. Although it is my policy not to accept nominations for anything I do, I simply cannot refuse such a wonderful badge. Thank you so much it is a massive honour to be the first ever nominee. Elaine x.

    P.s. I will put something on my site later about this if you want me to?

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  2. I agree, just visited Elaine’s blog….I didn’t know her, and her watercolor tryouts are really pretty 🙂

    Good idea, this concept, Bag Lady 🙂 I really like it 🙂 xx

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