Sunday Photo Fiction



“I have these wares for you to see, all beautifully colored in different shapes and sizes. I am a street vendor. You won’t find these wares in the stores. I made them myself and they are each different in their own way. When you buy these items, you are buying a unique piece that no one else will ever have. I have signed and dated each one. I am the artist, the designer and the manufacturer! Now who will buy these beautiful wares? How about you?”

Juan points at a young girl, pretty in a sundress, for it is a hot day. Tourists never expect it to be this hot, he thought to himself. Maybe her mother will buy if I tease her a little.

Again addressing the girl, not her mother, “Do you like these items? They are beautiful, are they not? Would you like to have this one to put your secrets in?” He picks up the white one that resembles a snowman, and puts it in the girl’s hands. He can tell she likes it as she holds it carefully. Juan looks up at the mother. She gives him a wry smile, knowing his tricks well.