“Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise”🎼 Nah, just kidding. You know your age is showing when a word first brings to mind a song from 1929. No, I wasn’t alive then, but our family was a lover of music, songs and musical movies. 

There’s hardly a moment without a breeze here in Wyoming. I’m far enough east of the mountains to not have their protection. Winds here last night gusted at seventy-five miles per hour. Just on the news:  our area has been chosen for airplane testing in wind conditions!  

The corridor between apartment buildings offers a nice “breezeway” for them. The worst nuisance besides not being able to maintain any type of hairstyle, is the dust/dirt that invades my living room from between the weatherstripping on my door. I can either endure that daily hassle or have the door so tight I can’t open it. Such is apartment life.


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