Share Your World-February 20, 2017

Good Afternoon from sunny, windy, Wyoming! All the family gone to Fort Collins, CO today so I’m reading all of the blogs. I’m also recording a couple of movies I haven’t seen from the free preview this weekend. Today is President’s Day here in the US. Funny thing is, HBO hasn’t changed movies much since I first tried them in the eighties!πŸ˜‚ They call them Premium Channels and usually cost about ten dollars extra for each one. HBO does come with what my kids used to call Skinomax (Cinemax). But I don’t watch much television, so do not use them. However I have been watching the History Channel’s SIX, and love PBS Masterpiece Theater. Thrilling news, isn’t it?  πŸ˜³πŸ˜„

Ceenphotography has new questions on this week’s Share Your World:

1. No, I don’t move my mouth when using scissors to cut anything. And I thought weird questions were at the end?……

2. No, I don’t chew pens or pencils, yuck! And I throw away any that are left around by others.

3. I used to collect rocks as a child and hoped to be a geologist. Funny fact is that I married a geophysicist! Those are competing occupations……yes.  

4. My bed is a king sized one. When I was in a lot of pain, I could not lay still at night, so when we had to get a new bed, I wanted a king size so I wouldn’t disturb my husband all night. Now of course it is a pita because I can’t make it myself.

5. I am grateful my grandson came over “just for a hug” and talked about a problem he was having.  I am looking forward to getting out in the sunshine if it lasts through the week.

Share Your World – February 20, 2017


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  1. Hmmm, the Rocky Mountains are aptly named. At least the bits I have seen. For many years, I lived amidst the southern Selkirk range. Generally, much softer in nature. They’re older, so more erosion. Now living on Vancouver Island. most of the mountains are on the northern end of this island. What passes for mountains down south, is almost humorous?

    I too watch very little TV. You can find those channels on youtube. If I were to watch TV? I would purchase a KODI box. It takes a little setup but the end result is hundreds of channels, free from around our world. Good things seldom last, so like music from internet. I expect the industry to take over those boxes? Even Niet-flicks is an arm and a leg, each month. With most of the offerings, developed by the service. At least no annoying adverts … yet.

    Yup getting old is a pain. My parents and those before, warned me about it. Did I listen? Glad to have not bought the king size bed when I had the chance. All the linens and stuff, seem to cost disproportionally more. As well as the space issue, that now crops up. Do I move my mouth, when using scissors? I don’t know? Can’t see it? Cheers Jamie.

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