Daily Prompt: Translate

I have a friend from a distant shore

Always asking from me a chore

To write proper English, he advises

Forget American, make compromises.

Being impatient and rather stubborn

I don’t care to change my pattern.

I’ve used our certain words for years

He’s welcome to his, in fact, Cheers!

I call him the dictionarian

No, it’s not a word, just comparing him

Certainly not to Webster’s New World

He just adds the English flag unfurled

Mentions Oxford’s translation prose

I think he’s looking down his nose

At my American poetry verse

And thinks it couldn’t get any worse.

Learned my lesson? Never! Be mute.

To know the word, find the root.



6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Translate

  1. This is an interesting poem because I have done a lot of translating during school , Latin and French, and the right word in on language sometimes can’t be found in another and vice versa. Translation is a very interesting and hard thing all at once for this reason. And I like the feel of this poem. I wonder what it would sound like translated into another language šŸ™‚

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