The Secret Keeper-#75

This is my power, my will, my talent.  I know I can write and have it published.  I thought the editor would help me sort out the facts from my perceived reality.  So far he’s just agreeing with my assumptions.  I hired him to edit, not empathize.  

The story is true but like all stories written in first person it’s my perception.  I am the heroine and a villain. I’ve made mistakes, but the facts are there before him, why can’t he separate them and his feelings?

I never thought this endeavor would end up by him falling in love.  The book was supposed to be a cleansing.  Now it seems I’m back again, in that dreaded place of need.  I never wanted to feel that vulnerability again.  I have decided.  I’ll find a new editor, one that is impartial. I can do it. I will get published and I will succeed.