Share Your World- February 6, 2017

Good Evening! Busy today, actually cooked myself a regular meal–baked chicken, stuffing, carrots and potatoes…..finally getting my craving for stuffing satisfied. The apartment smells wonderful with my use of sage. So on to this week’s SYW:

1. My fridge is usually organized, no excuse when you live alone for it not to be. Darn!

2. I’m not a freak about keeping food separated like most of my family. I love mashed new potatoes and fresh green peas mixed. One member of my family piles everything in one big heap. That’s not my choice.

3. I read a lot less than I used to, except for your blogs.  I like biographies and also fiction, if fantasy or science is involved.

4. The part of my body that wants attention are my legs. Seemingly numb, they like to come “alive” at night when I’m trying to sleep.

I’m very grateful for my daughter’s wedding anniversary today. As perfect a couple as you can get and still very much in love. I am looking forward to spending some time with my chauffeur, C. A movie might be in the works, I never know.

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