Now for something completely different#2

A new year and I think it’s time to revisit why I started a blog in the first place.  A lot of things came to mind since I’m into fantasy, knights, Vikings, fairytales, magic, etc., but then I thought the most important thing I could talk about was my experiences with cancer.  Now wait up…..this isn’t going to be a poor me post.  In fact I hope you get some information out of it.  Cancer is probably touched you in some way, but it’s had an impact on my family.  Two cases for myself and I’m two years into recovery from the second bout.  My husband had Esophageal cancer which still only has a ten percent survival rate.  He passed away in 2013.  There were others, but enough of that.

On a positive note I am fine now.  Of course I have those negative times when I have a rare leak, or fighting to get my wheelchair unstuck from the dishwasher, but all in all, okay.  If you want to know what having bladder cancer is like I have a very upfront description in one of my first blog attempts, “Accepting Change” and more on the very first, “Oh, that kind of bag”.  Thus my name, the Bag Lady.  So if you’re interested or better yet, know someone who has been diagnosed with this disease, please ask them to read it.  I believe it is worthwhile for newly diagnosed or current “bag” users.  

Well that’s all the seriousness for today.  Have a great fun weekend and peek through the snow or sand and smell the roses.


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