Daily Prompt:  Clean

When my kids were little they all had chores to do. There was a posted list in the kitchen and little boxes to check when your job was done. I evenly charted the jobs, such as dishwasher, dusting, etc. Having this help was essential when I worked outside the home, and at the same time taught my children responsibility. They received allowances once a week, when their jobs were done.  
At the same time, it was the age of help themed books for raising children and I was an avid reader of different types of books. One made an important impression on me as a mother. I was what you could mildly describe as picky and reading this you will imagine strict also. Clean bathrooms and kitchens were a must. When inspecting a job supposedly done, I could be very picky. After reading a certain book, a lightbulb went off, saving my children, I’m sure. It read that you and your child’s perception of clean, or accomplished jobs, were two different things. It dawned (duh) on me that they did their best and I should appreciate that instead of using the proverbial “white glove treatment”.  



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