Blogger Recognition Award

I would like to acknowledge an important blog, while also thanking her for nominating me for this award.  For years I had back and leg pain and was told it was “all in my head”.  It was invisible and therefore, didn’t exist.  That is one reason why the above blog is important.  You get to go behind the scenes and hopefully realize what others endure even if you can’t see it outwardly.  The all-in-my-head illness turned out to be very real, but by the time it was figured out, it was too late.  

I really have no advice except to be honest with your writings.  I think people appreciate reading your true feelings, no matter how mad, sad, happy, opinionated, whatever, they may be.  Liking and commenting is important.  Especially commenting on something that inspires a feeling in you.

I read and enjoy many blogs and nominating them here would take a lot of your time.  I suggest you read as many as you can and make up your own mind who you like to follow.  You probably think that’s a cop out, right?  Truthfully, there are so many great ones I can’t possibly pick just ten.


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