Daily Prompt: Resist

I have a friend here by my side

His name is Brownie

From when I almost died

Now don’t get yourself in a twist

He’s a teddybear you can’t resist

Grandkids gave him as a gift

Thought his presence would give me a lift.

He’s quiet and has a friendly face

Always in line with my pace

And the expressions he has

Sometimes gives a pass

To a bad mood or bad times

Even makes me laugh sometimes.

The kids always seem to know what they’re doing

Even if I don’t know if I’m coming or going 

Brownie is a constant reminder

Of a world that is much kinder.



16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Resist

  1. No, I never heard of it. Well hopefully you all realize that Americans love Australia and would like to visit. The trip is long and expensive, is all. Well, maybe one “American” and I use the term loosely, feels that way. His name begins with T.


    1. My bear is a polar bear and they are one of the most fierce creatures on earth according to Mr Attenborough.

      Actually I have two polar bears, three tigers, a gollywog, two golden bears, a black bear, and a Chocolate Moose, bring on the battle!!

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    2. David Attenborough doesn’t lie and he is the most respected animal dude on the planet, if he said polar bears are the most vicious creatures in the world it’s true and you bear doesn’t stand a chance. 😛

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    3. After 8 years Chocolate Moouse still smells like chocolate, now idea what they did to him that makes his scent so strong after so long.

      How can an american not know what a gollywog is? We are constantly bombarded in this country with how racist gollywogs are because they have black faces and represent the slaves of america. We are told all Amercians hate the fact we can use gollywogs as a toy or even speak of them.

      One sweet shop not too far from here recently got ordered to take the pictures of gollywogs off their shop front because it was racist and not tolerated. They’d used the damn logo for 30 years and no one has every complained yet now some dumb shit makes one complaint and they are forced to remove it.

      Harry Conick Jr came to this country ten years ago and made a huge scene when he saw a comedy act with black painted faces like Al Jolsen, it made world wide news because the moron claimed we were all racist.

      We are told here that America’s hate us because of our like for gollywogs yet you haven’t heard of them.

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