Anything Wednesday-104

Ever feel like you are on the end of a bungee cord?

You are reaching down to pick up your mind that you lost for a second

And you’re just about to reach it and put it back where it belongs


You’re pulled up and away, leaving it behind again.


You’re in a good place and want to stay up there, enjoy it for a bit


You’re pulled down and away from that fragile peace

Lately my life feels like this.

I don’t feel in control.

Maybe we are all on invisible bungee cords and just don’t know it.


3 thoughts on “Anything Wednesday-104

  1. Do me a favour Cheryl I have tried lots of times to leave a message on MVL latest post. It goes on the site then disappears. I don’t know if his comments box is full with the long posts from Other bloggers, I can’t think I’m blocked lol, can’t understand it. Will you ask the question for me please 😳😬

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