Share Your World – January 30, 2017

Howdy Pardners! 🤠😎 Just greeting you from Wyoming where the wind never stops blowing and today it’s sunny and 50F degrees.  However, my apartment is chilly, hands cold, so that’s my excuse for any typos…..

The Share Your World created by ceenphotography is a great way to get to know your blog friends, so please join in!

Answers to Cee’s questions this week:
1.  One of the most incredible natural venues I loved seeing every time we traveled west in Colorado was the view of Colorado’s “fourteeners”on I-70W just coming over the crest to see Floyd’s Hill below.  There is a buffalo sanctuary on the side of the road, and this picture does not capture the wide view you get in person.

2.  I had three older sisters, separated by five, five, and six years.  We’re all still keeping in touch even though they are in Vermont and New York.

3.  If I were a shoe, I would be one worn by flamenco dancers.  Black, shiny, sturdy, having rhythm and making a lot of noise!

4.  This is a tough one, because growing up in New England, you didn’t have access to strange.  We ate plain, and I mean plain!  Meat, vegetables, potatoes, fruit.  Whatever our land provided, yes, I am that old.  Once a week the Hostess bread man came in his truck and my delight was a package of the chocolate cupcakes with the cream inside.  I saved the dime from my grandpa for them.  Later, much later, in Houston, our neighbors next door were young and very friendly.  I was invited  for lunch and tried Indian cuisine which was very good, but spicy!

I am sincerely grateful for my grandson coming to take down the Christmas tree and he even cleaned and swept afterward. Someone raised him right!  This week I look forward to some warmer temperatures.


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