Picture Prompt-46

You will pass by this man.  I know you will. You could be driving a pickup truck with an empty bed, but you’ll pass him by.  You could be a gun toting cowboy or veteran, or have a big ugly dog sitting next to you, but you won’t stop.  

It used to be okay to pick up hitch hikers.  I’m not saying it was always what people did, trying to help a stranger.  And not that it always turned out okay, so if you had a bad experience, I’m sorry.  I’m not here to blame or criticize anyone for their decision.  A million years ago, before I was grown, it seemed okay.  A lot of the people needing rides were servicemen needing a ride home, or down on their luck men who were affected by job shortages. 

I would like to think that was the majority of people “back then”.   That’s an attitude pervasive in the older adults today.  “Back then” things were always better, easier, safer.  That’s just a typical way of thinking for people my age and older, because some things were safer.  And if they weren’t, you never heard about it on the radio, or snowy-barely-visible tv.  Maybe that was a good thing.  I’m not here to debate.  I’m just bringing it up to make you think about the guy on the side of the road.

When I was dating in 1965, my friend was taking me home.  He stopped to pick up a man late at night.  My date was a nice guy, and after all, a GI, so I was “safe”.  The man got in carrying a gas can.  It was my sweet brother in law.  We took him to get gas, then to his car, ending up at his and my sister’s home for coffee.  By the way, did I ever say thank you, Frank?


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    1. Mate of mine picked up a plastic drain pipe full of fishing rods one morning. The PVC pipe is a good storage container for multiple rods and it fell off the roof of a car. $400 worth of fishing rods. I once had a mountain bike come off the car in front of me and if I could have stopped in time I could have scored a $500 mountain bike.

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