Photo Challenge – Abandoned

A bit strange isn’t it

Abandoned here on the beach

A picnic they said

Then proceeded to reach

For vegetables left and right.

A salad to make I thought with delight

I’ll be healthy there, not on a burger

And not suffer the heat of a BBQ burner.

So happily jumped into the larder

Where tomatoes and lettuce were working harder

To stay cool also.  They’d suffered the fate

Of topping a burger, on a hot plate.

The joy of staying cool in a salad?  

Might be cause for a culinary ballad.

But all that said, I’m left on the beach

To drown in a salt laden breach.

Oh well, it’s better than flames 

Hot grease surrounding

I guess there’s no chance of founding

So here I sit, an abandoned onion.

Maybe I should have been a Funyun!