Picture Prompt-45

They’re just over the hill.  I can’t really see them with all the fog.  I hear their voices so they must be there.  I just can’t see them anymore.  Hurrying over the top of the hill, she still sees no one.  She can hear their voices, but they’re getting fainter. Should see go further?  She looks back, no one there either.

The playground, the families, she couldn’t see anything but fog.  It seemed to be creeping up the hill.  Soon it would overtake where she’s standing.  What then?  She started to panic a little.  Looking forward to the crest of the hill, she notices even the voices are getting more distant.  Where could her friends be?  This was just supposed to be a little game, now she felt tricked and scared.  They must be down there, but then, where is everyone else?  I’m all alone.  The fog is thickening.  The game of tag wasn’t fun any more.  “Where are you?” She yells through the fog.  “Answer me!”

An eerie voice dripping with malice, says “you’re it!”


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