Daily Prompt:  Unseen

People above may be unseen

On being noisy they’re quite keen

Like to run vacuums at four a.m.

Knocking, then hear a door slam.

It’s like their day is my night

Sudden bangs cause a fright

Never can just sleep tight

I guess they think it is their right

To keep others up all night.



33 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Unseen

    1. After living in a big house in a peace and quiet Country called NZ, living here in an apartment perhaps half of the size of where we’re used to I think it’s a luxury to have some peace among the neighbors so why not transfer & look for another place? Unless of course if you are stuck there with a contract.


    1. The wind the next night was over eighty mph, so in comparison, at least they only damaged neighbor’s ears. Warmed to forty today, but still cold. Snow off our sidewalks. First basketball game, cool!

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