Daily Prompt:Capable

Again, an immediate thought came to mind at this Prompt. Capable is a perfect word to describe my daughter. She has a college degree, was on the Dean’s list and I have never, ever, not been proud of her. As a teenager when a lot of mothers struggle with daughters, I did not have that problem. For the most part, it was great fun.

She’s been married since 1993, to a wonderful man that I dearly love also. I could not have chosen a better husband for her. They have five biological children, and three adopted children. She has been a stay-at-home mom for a while and then when we moved to Cheyenne she became a teacher at the local school. Now she is able to be home and do tutoring, which is the best of both worlds for her.  She always puts her family before herself.

The word capable is very descriptive of her. Her husband travels for his job, and she takes on the responsibility of the home and the children. That’s not to say that he’s not there. They talk every day, very often. I would say they are in constant contact and at this time of year with traveling being dangerous at times, it is especially true.  He is always there for personal “events” and weekend activities.  

She maintains the house, cooks meals, and nurtures the children, of course. This is not an easy task with eight children. At the present time three girls are in college, two with full ride scholarships, and the oldest son is a firefighter/EMT in town. The other four are still in regular school. Moving here to Wyoming from Colorado doesn’t seem like much of a step, but it was a lifestyle change. She has adjusted to this and so have the children.

Adopting children is a great adventure, but it has a lot of challenges. She and her husband are meeting these challenges every day. Some days more than others. Every child is unique but also loved and loving each other as a family.

When my husband was dying in the hospital, she was the one who made trips back and forth to be with him since I couldn’t travel in the altitude.  This was a six-seven hour drive each way.  A terrible responsibility, but was her choice, and that is her, completely.

This is just a taste of what goes on every day. As you can imagine, a large, loving  family is a lot of work and it takes cooperation and consideration for each person. I’m very proud of my daughter, and she is extremely capable.



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