Picture Prompt-28

I don’t know what to do now. I am sitting here like a fool. I took hours getting prepared. Hair done, nails done, makeup applied by a professional, all that money down the drain. For what? To be sitting here in this place, alone? Abandoned like an old pair of shoes? Why I answered that text I’ll never know. He seemed reasonable. Jane knew him to be a good guy. What was she thinking, recommending him to me?

And here I am, angry at both of them, sitting by the side of the road, waiting for my brother. My brother is always reliable, but what will he think of me, here in this place? Dressed up, and sitting in the bushes! I know he’ll be upset. I’m just glad I had my phone to call him. He’ll come, give me the usual lecture, and take me home safely. I can count on it.

Unlike the creep who left me here. Of course it was my decision to get out of the car. I’m just glad he let me out. He could have forced me to stay with him…..I can’t think of it, what could have happened. Jane must not really know him, otherwise how could she have set me up? Or maybe she did set me up, on purpose. You never know who is a true friend these days. He was an obnoxious, self centered, octopus. Rude, and overbearing, and dangerous. So angered by my refusal of his advances, he let me out. I guess I should consider myself lucky to be sitting here after all.

There’s my brother coming, finally. I can’t wait to get home.



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    1. -39 tonight with windchill. Plus snow has made it difficult. They even have the air force base and air guard base guys out to clear snow. I’m happy to be home. Too cold for kids to enjoy being in snow.๐Ÿ˜ฅ

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    2. Its a special, many movies made of it, tv shows, etc. you probably don’t get them. Let me ask you a ?. where do I go to find the spam on the site? I have before but now I can’t find it. Told you I’m not good at this

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    3. You’d get along great, you could both talk about how following directions is too difficult even when they are spelled out.

      It sounds sexist but if old ladies thought of instructions for computer related stuff the same way they thought of recipes they’d never have an issue with computers.

      Computer Support would be so much easier if people got it out of their had that they were going to make something blow up and just tired it for themselves.

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    4. Hold on, I used to have a big old computer, stacks, printer, scanner, red drive, etc. I changed the drive on it, etc, did repairs, etc. the thing I hated was all the wires to plug in and find a plug in for

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