#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 2nd-17-Time

11:00am, just woke up to granddaughter’s call.

“Hey, wanna go to a movie today?”

“Sure, what time?” I need parameters, I’m basically lazy.


“Which one?”

“Passengers, Assassins, or Why him.”

“I’d like to see Passengers.  But I’ll look at the trailers for the others.”

“Why Him looks like it might be funny.Umm..”

“Okay we’ll see that.”  (It looks like a typical teen type movie with a lot of language, but I’m game.)

“Pick you up at 1:00, okay?”

“Pie afterwards?”

“Yeah 🐸!”

So goes the life of a very privileged grandmother.  And the pie is just a bonus….

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