Picture Prompt-24

They gazed at the painting once again. So many years had passed since they went on that journey. Their life together started there and continued on, full of adventure, exploring the world. It was an almost incredible dream, the life they led. Memories took them over and she rested her head on his shoulder, as they both let the painting travel them back in time. 

He fell in love with her the first moment he saw her. The market was busy and she was handing out samples of her wares, hoping to catch a willing consumer. He marveled at her beauty, mesmerized by her open smile. He walked over and she handed him an apple, saying, “good day, sir, taste this and see how you like it”. Taking the apple, his hand touched hers and she stopped for a moment, looking straight into his eyes. This communication, this touch, sealed their fate, their future of love and friendship, and a life together.  

That is how the adventure started. Now they are unable to travel, but relive their golden memories, still together now and forever.



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