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Well, hello! First day of 2017 and londoner18 came up with this new idea, so here goes. You can find him at

1. Three words that describe my 2016 are: discovery, satisfaction, and happy

2. Two most influential people this year are: Cohen, SJ

3. Botanical gardens was a beautiful place to visit this summer because of the variety of flowers and plants.

4. Easy one. The most delicious food I tasted was rhubarb-strawberry pie at the Shari’s restaurant last week.

5. The event most striking this year was the US presidential election.

6. The best purchase I made this year was a tablet for my grandson.

7. Three good intentions, and I specify intentions, are: eat more vegetables, eat more fruit, curb my craving for French fries

8. In 2017 a place I would like to visit would be Jackson Hole, WY.

9. One food I want this year? You got it, another piece of that rhubarb-strawberry pie!

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    1. Posted by lostpropertyrepository on December 31, 2016 — Edit

      Which is actually wrong, I did write it before the family fireworks show at 9pm and included the Dec 30 prompt word (because the rest of the world is so far behind us) but it was posted after midnight. However I never changed my WP time for daylight savings (our DST not the US) so therefore it would have been posted as 11pm (ish) on the 31st not 12am on the 1st

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    2. I got the same with our ‘national game’ and turned to rugby, then our state got a team in the national comp and things just got better. Apparently my team has the cute guys according to my wife and some of my female friends.

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    3. We are predominantly an AFL state (they invented it here) and NRL is still frowned upon a bit by those idiots who think there can’t be two sports dominant in the one state but we get bugger all on TV because the telecast channel is too scared to go up against the AFL who apparently owns the entire country and makes their own rules.

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    4. It’s not really strict. The AFL just think they won the country. Their latest drug scandal’s they actually got to investigate before the police did. It’s like all sport, without corruption there is not sport.

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    5. Don’t you still have christmas shopping happening? In this country we have the boxing day sales which start on the 26th and go into the new year until they run out of stock. It wasn’t as crazy yesterday as boxing day would have been but it’s still annoying because people think they are getting a bargain.
      We had Easter buns hit the shelves on Boxing day too.

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    6. Yeah I agree. I don’t often re-edit but I do have a lot of things written that I just don’t think worked. They may one day work when I am in a different mindset but it’s not often look at a publish posts and decided I can do better. I have looked at poems and decided to make stories from them though.

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    7. I don’t know about that. If I was any good business would come to me 🙂

      I’ve actually been self employed as a computer tech/web designer for more than 20 years, because of the nature of work from home businesses I’ve been able to take a lot of breaks from it and do other jobs, but essentially my job title pretty much been tech and web guru since I left school, the rest of the jobs have really just been fun side projects.

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    8. Okay, Mr.businessman….you have to seek businesses out. Competition is too great to sit and wait! Now do I have to tell you that? Editor, now promoter. I think you need to hire me! 😂

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    9. Business used to be good it always came to me, but then things slowed down and other factors not related business also got involved. Now days businesses, especially in the country are to scared to spend money on websites and computers because they cannot be convinced they will get their money back.

      I used to be a band promoter as well 🙂

      You haven’t edited or promoted anything of mine yet so therefore on a performance based salary you are still singing for your supper 😛

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    10. My granddaughter and I were talking about that tonight. The grass always seems greener type thing. We were talking first about how many Americans say they hate it here, etc, and we agree that they should leave then, see how they like it.

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    11. It’s the same where ever you go look how many celebs said they’d leave if Trump got voted in, to my knowledge none of them did.

      In 1999 I told everyone that if a particular pollie got in as State Premier I was going to leave the state and I did, two months after the election, although I was already planning to leave before the election, I just didn’t tell them that.

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    12. Kids I can put up with, they are kids they need to be taught not to do things but adults who whine about every little thing really bug me, especially the kind who whine about a paper cut to someone with a terminal illness. I’m sure we all know one person like that.

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    13. We rarely counted beers if we weren’t driving, sometime we forgot to count them when we were diving. The thing is no matter how many we drank we were never unable to walk or function. Of course we were over any legal driving limit more than a few times and we were effected (I’m not one of these idiots who reckons they can drink 10 cases and still be sober) but we weren’t stupid drunk, just stupid 🙂 We built most of the neighbours house under the influence and it took a bush fire to knock it down 🙂

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