Daily Post: Mope

If you’re not more than a dope

You’ll spend your life in a mope

Could end the suffering with a rope

You need a tree, and a horse to lope.

Another method, you could swim

Far, far out where rescue’s slim.

Or lift a very heavy limb

You couldn’t handle in the gym.

You could always set yourself afire

Of course you need a real hot pyre

Very painful, I’m no liar

Go all at once, body entire.

Many people in the past 

Have tried to use a shotgun blast

But to shoot so buckshot would amass

You’d need to take a shooting class.

The Eastern way is with a sword

Not like karate with a board

But straight to the gut affords

A one way ticket to the lords.

I know this tale won’t get praise

For showing a few bad ways

But let all your worrying go astray

Buck up, tomorrow’s another day.



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