Cookie baking 2016

This evening it’s a balmy 11 degrees F.  Very busy day beginning with a call, “Want to do cookies?”  Of course I replied, but bring the cookie sheets, I only have one.  So expecting them at two they finally arrived about five.  Granddaughter who just had hip surgery settled in on the couch and the other girls gathered around the table.  My daughter was the official roller outer and the other girls made various colored frosting.  Purple was not my favorite, but fine.  There was sort of, let’s see how “special” we can make them.  The man on the plate is Benedict Cumberbatch.  I have gathered millions of cutters over the years, different stars are my favorite.  Storage has these at present; maybe in the summer we’ll remember to fish them out.  I have included pictures of our efforts.  It was a fun time, and no one can even stand the thought of eating any, after sampling the broken ones. I think tomorrow that will change.  ☺Being all together while the guys watched the Bronco game at my daughter’s home, it was great fun being with my granddaughters and their mom.  And they even cleaned up!🎄


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  1. Millions? That’s a lot. I used to to do that, prior to diabetes. Then I got rid of most and kept just a few. My ex. the bipolar one. Always wanted to make cookies at this time of year. Then would scarfe them down, as quickly as they were made. Snickerdoodles were her fave. If I ate them at all? I liked the ones made with a cutter.. Those ones of yours are very brightly coloured. Purple is the colour of Jesuits. I liked the pink ones. Pink and white. Cheers Jamie.

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    1. White sugar is a poison. Many do not seem to care. Prior to diabetes, I seldom used it. However white sugar like white salt, hosts a whole plethora of associated conditions. Including cancers. Every morning now. I have apple cider vinegar, 2 Tbs. With honey 1 tsp, in a cup of warm water. I’m waiting to see if my blood pressure levels improve? I think so? Certainly it seems to aid with my fasting blood sugar levels. BTW. Sugar by itself does not cause diabetes. Cheers Jamie.

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