Daily Prompt:  Fishing

 Watching “Life Below Zero”on Geographic National,

I wonder if these people are even rational?

Their lifestyle is not what I’m wishing

Especially not when depending on fishing.

I watched as this woman went with her truck

To get some food straight out of the muck.

Oysters or clams or some such

This “food” I would not ever touch.

Give me a fresh water lake and a boat

And a fishing pole that works by remote

While I read a book 

In a cozy nook

On the boat

While we float.

Now catching one is hardly a chore,

Use a net, and then go back to shore.

Cleaning them, well that’s not for me,

I’ll leave that job to my sweetie.

I’ll fry them up with pepper and salt

None of that deep fried using malt.

Fishing is fine if you like that sort of thing

It’s not like the old days with a branch and a string.



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