Daily Prompt: Maddening

I finished my small decorations today

When a wreath on the door, to my dismay

Was impossible to hang

Made me think, dang!

Now I’ll have to have wait

For someone tall, my fate

Have to be subdued

And wait for a dude

To hang the wreath

While I sit underneath.

I got up this morning with energy plus

Cause I slept last night, without a fuss.

I did something I have dread

I made some banana bread.

I searched a huge box for my Christmas CDs

On the closet bottom if you please

I struggled and pulled and tore at the box

I reached under the layer of papers and docs

And loaded them all on my lap to reveal

The cases all empty, all unsealed.

And then my memory decided to show

It does, once in a while, you know.

The CDs are all in an album of sorts

Kept there for car trips, long, not short.

Know what happened but not where they are

Hope they’re not in my old car

It suffered a crash, now on the junk heap

Could they be in storage, to keep?

Even though this bit of the day

Was maddening, I have to say

I’ll keep smiling as I have some tea

With banana bread, and admire my tree.


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