A Winter Night

The room is dark except for the small scented nightlight. The snow plows on the main road, and the sad sound of a fire truck broke the silence. Some poor family might be stranded in this freezing weather, or a motorist slipped out of control on the ice. A winter night exposes tragedy. The young men cannot keep up with their shovels for the wind is filling in snow as fast as they clear it. A dog’s howl insures others will answer. Every being is feeling lonely and cold tonight.

The room is dark and the scent of the nightlight cannot dispel the loneliness. She hears a car drive by, but it’s not stopping here. No one is coming to break her mood. She sips the tea, but cannot eat. Her body aches, but not for food, or sleep, but for the company of his love. Her mind plays tricks, causing her to see him in the shadows. Could it be? Would she turn on the lamp and see him there? She dared not because she knew he wasn’t, no matter how much she wished it.

The scented nightlight caused a small shadow in the dark room. As she pulled the covers around her, she could almost feel him beside her. His warmth, his body next to her. She curled up and nestled into her pillow, wanting it to be him. She covered her head with the warm blanket, hiding from the nightlight glow. She wanted to shut everything out, to just pretend he was there. She drew the covers in, as if they were his arms holding her tight. The cold, the loneliness, wouldn’t reach her here. She would sleep and dream of him.

The room was dark and the nightlight glowed. The snow was still falling, but the night sounds were quieting. The plows stopped, the shoveling men retreated till morning. The animals finally slept. The winter night’s cold was unrelenting. The lanes were freezing icy trails. Jack Frost painted glass with beautiful designs. She fell asleep to dream.


57 thoughts on “A Winter Night

  1. So beautifully written, if that was you that you were writing about, I feel for you. I couldn’t imagine life without my husband beside me every night. 19 December we have been married 57 years, he isn’t well, prostate cancer, so I must keep on moving and not think about it.
    Hope you are having a nice weekend, that’s not too cold for you.

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    1. Bugger that, occasionally during the nights in the truck I’d see below 0 Celsius but it would only be enough for black ice. We’ve seen snow around here once in the 40 years I have been here and I like that.

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    2. Oh I hate the wind, most of our strong winds come from the west and in the truck it used to slow me down from 110kph to 80kph and in the house it slams against the full front and rattles the roof and windows because we live on a rise. But I still hate the snow

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