WARNING – Frustration Rant

I am beyond angry.  So frustrated I just started to cry.  Most of the time I can laugh off situations that irritate me with a sarcastic comment I keep in my head.  But today my level of anger is being written here.  So if you are holiday cheery, just delete this message because it’s not going to be nice.

UPS, and USPS are my nemesis.  At this time of year I shop online, therefore packages come to my home.  Simple, right?  I have a large note on my door because I assumed they couldn’t read the less obtrusive one, stating to leave packages at my door.  The reason being I can’t get to the door quickly and the uphill trek to the office in snowy sidewalk weather is impossible.  Even when I had the scooter, I got stuck a few times trying it.  Now I have a (roll myself) wheelchair and I can’t carry anything bigger than what would fit between two kneecaps.

Having the note and informing the complex office of this fact, I expect the delivery services to do what their paychecks have printed on them. Deliver!  I don’t envy their job, but it IS their job.  It’s cold, snowy, and I imagine delivering packages is a pita, but I can’t help that.  Part of the reason even in good weather, that I have the note, is so they don’t have to wait for me to answer the door.  What if I’m in the bathroom, or asleep?  Just leave the pkg.  

Another point of contention is the office signs for packages so these services don’t need the actual person to sign for them.  I found that out when I called a med supply to ask if they sent a pkg that was late.  What I know now is this.  The complex office signs a bulk pkg signature and all the delivery service does is dump them all in the office.  So there are two factions to blame here.  This morning I called and they said yes, we’ve been getting complaints.  So I wrote an email stating they are not to sign for any of my pkgs.  Yes, I have family here and yes I can ask them to pick up the pkgs.  Office hours where the pkgs are, are not convenient for people who have jobs.So my dilemma.  I feel like the guy who wanted the cross off the tree because he just HAS to look at it every day and it’s causing him irreparable harm.  Only from my point of view, I actually have a legitimate complaint.  Think I’ll protest about this.  Anyone want to give me a ride to the UPS office?  Darn.

I called UPS and the blog about getting someone in Sierra Leone was not an exaggeration.  Calling a local 411 should get a local number.  That’s another story.

So, how’s everyone else’s day going?  Worse?  Tell me about it……I’m listening.



33 thoughts on “WARNING – Frustration Rant

  1. I shop when I have the money, sometimes I don’t have extra so I wait like I did this year. So trying to ask others who are also busy, to take me anywhere is a pain. Usually when they can I can’t! Bad timing. I informed the office I have more coming and to tell them to leave it here. They said they would, but you know how it is. I just don’t want them being returned because I didn’t pick them up tight away.


  2. Although not in the same league I do sympathise with your pain. Our postmen wont deliver anything they can’t carry on their motorbikes (which is fair enough) but they will knock on doors for a parcel that wont fit in the letter box. Our postal service who continually tells us they are loosing money despite the rise in online shopping deliver the bigger stuff in vans, but because they are all contract workers and pretty much don’t have to answer to anyone any parcel that doesn’t get delivered before lunch time gets ‘carded’. All they do is fill out cards saying you can pick your parcel up at the PO any time from the following day. We’ve caught the guy sitting in the driveway filling out the card then getting out and putting it in the letterbox rather than taking less time to get the parcel out and knock on the door. Considering these numpties get paid per parcel delivered you’d think they’d actually try to deliver them but not this time of year.


    1. Our posties aren’t smart enough to use email. πŸ™‚ Our couriers are a bit different, UPS doesn’t service this area but we have services like them and apart from the way they treat parcels they are a lot more reliable than the government owned postal service because they are accountable to someone.

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    2. Last time I complained to the PO I actually got action, but we don’t order as much online these days and all our Christmas stuff has arrived so I couldn’t be bothered complaining this week. I just went in and picked the parcel up after school drop off.

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  3. Yes, it’s all irrational … Sympathy for a ridiculous situation. Kudos for highlighting it. People with disabilities need a special type of service, from these people. We’re not all able bodied, nor young. Would a large sign taped to the door work? Cheers Jamie

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    1. When I owned my home in B.C.Interior. Unless UPS required a signature. They would leave it.
      Is UPS your only option? These people are irrational! How high up the chain of command can you go? Probably not far? What the previous commentator said …”The drivers are given far too many deliveries therefore they don’t wait”, is true. It’s hard to know what else to do but cry? Cheers Jamie.

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  4. I understand your frustration, delivery driver are in such a rush, I used to work in distribution UPS are one of the better carriers. The drivers are given far too many deliveries therefore they don’t wait ! My old next door neighbour (Who is in a wheelchair has missed many a delivery), when I was next door they used to bring them to me then I would give her time to get to the door. It’s disgusting that they don’t wait. The biggest blame is the management of USP overloading their drivers.

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  5. Pressing ‘Like’ seemed a little cruel, but there is no “I know your pain” button but I’m there with you πŸ˜– Yep, had a pretty crappy week all round but hey, tomorrow is Friday so let’s hope it marks the start of a brighter (mood wise) more joyful weekend. Hang on in there πŸ™‚ X

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    1. For sure. Just getting my body back into shape would be ideal. The first few times I’m always sore. But your body adapts and soon I’ll just get muscle twinges rather than full blown sore muscles.

      I’m a fan of the hot bath. My favorite part of every workout is going to the sauna and hot tub after. lol

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