Daily Picture Prompt – 1


Why are you hurrying by?

 Please give our home a try.

It needs some repair, 

Don’t climb the stairs!

Why run away

On this fine day,

The sun is still out

Do we have to shout?

While the sky is light 

We won’t give a fright

Our house needs some friends

Anyone you can send?

Don’t leave, just tarry

We’re not that scary.

We’re just regular trees. 

I know we need leaves.

But the season is autumn.

Our leaves fell to the bottom

Look, see where they are?

Some near, and some far.

Our house needs a family

So very desperately.

The garden needs care

And our roots are bare.

Our home’s shabby and rotting

We’re sad, been forgotten

Don’t run away, please

We’re just lonely old trees.

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