Daily Post:Panoply

Everyone wears armor every day. It may not be the kind you see, such as a knight’s shining metal suit, or ancient warriors’ painted with bright colors to intimidate their enemies. It might be a bowed head, not wanting to be confronted by strangers, or a spiteful look on a child’s face who knows he’s in trouble. There are some who have a tattered cardboard box to shield them from the outside world. Sideways glances and nervous laughter among girls and macho rude remarks by boys are teenage armor.  Teachers arm themselves by sitting at their desk, pretending to read and ignoring their students. The office worker who darts into the coffee bar when the manager walks by you might think is retreating, but just using his own form of shield. You don’t need a sword or gun to be armed. We have built in suits we wear each day.



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