Photo Fiction-66 Failure!

I tried to pare the story into 300 words, but my original version was 375.  Sorry, I failed, but chopping it further just didn’t work.

Curiosity was not his strong point, according to his mom. Always asking questions, wanting to know how everything worked, just a bother to her. Frequently he made up his own answers. He was playing quietly with his companion, a beautiful Wolf-German Shepard mix, named Ragnar. 

“You guys should be asleep by now, turn off the light”!  There was no light on. Moonbeams in the window seemed extra bright. He rested his arms on the sill. The summer night was inviting. Ragnar put his nose on the sill also, the ever present sidekick. Charlie grabbed his shoes, and he and his best friend were on a quest. For what, he didn’t know yet.

They wandered down to the lake. An old fishing boat barely able to float for a full half hour, was the beginning of many adventures. They slipped into the rowboat and drifted into the quietness of the water. Charlie always kept a long pole there, since the oars were long gone. Ragnar started a slow, low growl. “What’s up, buddy?” Ragnar growled louder, a whine filled bark at the end. Charlie thought maybe a deer or wolf had sparked his friend’s attention. Then the moon became brighter than he’d ever seen. Ragnar barked louder, moving in front of Charlie as if to protect him. 

Both boy and animal looked up. It was not the moon after all. It was a huge set of bright lights, covering every inch of the sky. Charlie’s heart was racing, so excited and scared at the same instant. Ragnar didn’t stop barking, warning the intruder, defending his master. For a brief moment, Charlie thought, at last, a real adventure. He sank down and hugged Ragnar.

As quickly as he noticed the object, it disappeared. The sky darkened and he and Ragnar were alone. He rubbed and strained his eyes to see it again. But only the familiar trees surrounding the lake were visible.

“Mom’s never gonna believe this one…”.


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