Fantastic Negrito(edited)

Fantastic Negrito is the stage name of Xavier Dphrepaulezz. You can see a video of his rise to success here:

 I’ve written before I am a music lover and watch the NPR Tiny Desk Concerts on YouTube. I discovered Xavier when he won the 2015 series. He writes and sings blues and soul. My favorite video to watch is labeled the Convenience Store Sessions. People shopping, and there he is, singing his heart out. And that’s why I’m writing about him. The words he uses are down to earth, what I classify as real people music. One of my favorite songs that speaks to me personally, is “Lost in a Crowd”, video below. If you’ve watched the television show “Hand of God”  Xavier is singing the theme song. He now has an album out named “Last Days of Oakland”. I had purchased tickets to see him in a club in Denver. It was the second time his tour took him near to me, and I was anxious to see him in person. Unfortunately I couldn’t go. Musicians who perform in such a heartfelt way should be seen in person. If you like blues performances, check out this:  (Rated R by some) My favorite lines”You travel, and you travel, trying to find it, I know that neither one of us, No, neither one of us can survive it, We travel, and we travel trying to find it, We’re just people, lonely people, you and I”.  The second song is another favorite, you may have to turn on the A/C!


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