Share Your World Week 48

Share Your World, week 48

1. I definitely prefer food with nuts especially breads and salads. I just bought this today for a special treat:

2. If a movie were to be made of my life, probably a comedy. I try to see the humor in most things, not always a welcomed event. Sometimes you have no choice but to laugh.

3. The person who talks real sense to me is my oldest son. He’s like me in that he doesn’t “pull any punches”. I distinctly remember a few different occasions when his advice was very helpful.

4. It’s hard to choose a favorite board game because I love all types of games. My nephew visited us in CO and we introduced him to the game of Risk, which was popular at the time. My granddaughter bought the Game of Thrones version to play on Christmas.

5. I’m grateful for my oldest grandson’s visit from the firehouse to bring me a huge plate of Thanksgiving delights. He cooked dinner for the firefighters this year. 

     I’m looking forward to riding the bus tomorrow for a doctor’s appointment because of two bus passes given to me anonymously. No one will confess!

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    1. My twenty year old gd bought it as a surprise for Christmas. That’s when I decided I have to watch GoT so I know what’s up, and love the show, Kahleesi rules! 😉I love games in general.


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