Daily Post Prompt: Scorched

It was the opening day of the seven year olds’ baseball season. My husband coached and I kept score. It was rarely too hot at that time of year, but the sun was relentless. I wanted to look good as the coach’s wife, so dressed in a sleeveless blouse and slacks. This was before everyone wore sunscreen or worried about skin cancer. I say that, because I am a redhead and had very white skin. Freckles, but tanning was never an achievable goal. (Sigh) 

We were all excited to start the season off right. The boys were doing a good job and while trying to be sociable, I had to keep my attention on the game. We all had a short celebration on the field and then went home exhausted by the heat and first game reverie.  

The next morning, I woke up very hot, looked in the mirror and my face was red, and sweaty. But the rest of the image gave me a fright. My upper arms were huge and red and puffy. If it didn’t scare me so much, I would have laughed, thinking of Popeye, the sailor man. Seriously, I looked just like his cartoon image. We went to the ER when it seemed my arms were growing, to find I had sun poisoning.  

I love the sun, burn very easily, so wear sunscreen all the time on any exposed skin. I don’t lay in the sun, it’s a waste of time to try to tan. I once tried a tanning bed, even that didn’t work. It took my brain a while to convince me I was not ever going to have that beautiful brown skin.

Sunshine makes my day, my mood lightens and I enjoy it…….under a tree, awning, patio roof, umbrella, or large man. But just sitting in it bare naked? You have to be kidding!



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