A Sad State of Affairs 

No one was smiling 

As out they came filing

After all voted

I felt demoted.

It was just the count

The unknown amount

Based on the knowledge 

Of the electoral college.

This system is screwing

It needs all renewing

The individual votes

Might as well be remote.

My faith is subdued

And not to be rude

But America’s screwed

With this president dude.

The world is aghast

Some might even laugh

At the choices we picked

Think I’m going to be sick.

Depression sits in

I see it as sin

To be ruled by this man

Be quick, get the pan.

I’ll just be here gagging

The thoughts that keep nagging

My mind will not rest

I am so depressed.

I write of new hope

But I must be a dope

Where is that rope?

I just want to croak.

It’s hard to find humor in anything today. I am sad, depressed, and afraid. What will happen to us as Americans, our “perfect on the outside” way of life, when this election shows all the now seen, pent up feelings of the chosen people whose votes counted? They give you a sticker that says “my vote counts”. The saying “we’re all going to hell in a hand basket” comes to mind. I am so disappointed in us as a country, and embarrassed we let this happen.    


7 thoughts on “A Sad State of Affairs 

  1. I went through all those feelings last night. Our fore fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence were geniuses. Let that be some comfort. I do believe We the people of the United will survive and thrive.
    The electoral college has to be demolished. It came about when it would take weeks or months t get the voting results. It is unnecessary in today’s modern age.

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  2. Just live in hope that the idiot the world saw during the election will not have the control he thinks he has. He might be the most powerful man in the world but he still wont be able to do things just because he wakes up in the morning remembering he had a dream about marrying a gay Hispanic in a free world. (Because we know that’s what he really dreams about)

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