Response to the Daily Post: Promises

When they started this “relationship”, they decided, no rules, no promises.  Okay, he thought, this should be easy enough.  I can just see how it goes, and if it doesn’t work to my advantage, so what. 

They began corresponding quite frequently, and he couldn’t believe how he missed her if only a short time went by with no contact. She remained hesitant to write too much. After all, she was married, had children. This was wrong and she knew it. 

 As time passed, she realized there was a connection that surprised them both. They waited impatiently for every letter. He thought possibly he was in love, but no, they had never physically met; separated by miles of land and ocean, with only anticipation of the next letter to keep them going. His occupation did not allow for traveling, it seemed the letters would have to do. Her conscious was warning her to stop before she fell totally in love with this mysterious man. How could she think of loving someone she had never met? Across the miles, he was thinking the same. 

They made the decision to meet, try it out, see if a real connection was possible. She was in the airport parking lot. Her hastily packed bag sitting in her lap. The taxi driver was growing impatient. “Lady, are you going or not?” She remembered their first conversation, no promises. “Take me home”, she said softly.


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