Response to the Daily Post Prompt: Argument 

Formerly known as: My Way or the Highway

I enjoy a good, friendly argument. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to be “Johnny on the Spot” when I think I know about something, quickly open my mouth, and out it comes, my opinion. Growing up in my family everything was either black or white, no in-between. It took a lot of experience to realize there are many colors in the world which make life interesting. If mom found us kids arguing, she never wanted to hear excuses.  We were wrong, no matter who “started it”, and she got after us both. If you hesitated to explain, you were sent to the yard to get a switch.  A reasonable explanation for this is she didn’t have the time to listen to us fighting over who did what or why. Since my dad was the head of the household in every respect, none of our family members argued. There was no talking back unless you were extremely brave, or foolish and wanted to suffer the consequences. He liked to argue with others, but not the immediate family.

I prefer calling it a discussion. I enjoy listening to people and hearing what they think on all types of matters.


11 thoughts on “Response to the Daily Post Prompt: Argument 

  1. ‘Augument’ is a blanket word – it can mean either a quarrel or a discussion, but often parents get so sick of the noise that they’re not interested in the details.
    The switch seems a bit harsh – were you part of a large family?

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    1. So your mother was exhausted from raising children and your father had a lot of energy which he expended by slamming a switch against your backsides. Perhaps that’s a harsh way to put it. Maybe it was part of the culture around your way?

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    2. In defense of my mother, she did it all while caring for my two sets of ailing grandparents. Not blaming her. But you did make sure to get not to get the smallest switch you could find. 😉🎃🕷🕸

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